Frequently Asked Questions

Who am i?

Just a sober, sensible grown-up who understands that things can't be that bad if I feel this satisfied with myself. You can follow me on Twitter @mescottvrooman, but don't you dare s@ss me or I'll write a 3000-word column about how online mobs are destroying intellectual discourse. 


what's wrong with politics these days?

Voters around the world are losing trust in the global economic order even though it was working totally fine until 2008 when some mysterious force nearly destroyed it. Possibly the Sex and The City movie.

Now those voters are selfishly supporting politicians who are promising to change the system that caused their suffering, politicians who are ruining their chances of lucrative speaking fees and unlimited rides on the back of Richard Branson’s jet ski.

What these voters don't seem to realize is that the global economic system is actually a humanitarian project, and if they’re not careful they’re totally going to ruin the “Poverty is Over!” surprise party the IMF planned for some time after 2050.  


what does centrism dot biz want to do about it? 

We want to create a fresh, same approach to politics and win the race to the middle. Not by offering policies that voters value, but by making voters feel more valuable. 

To do that, we don’t need visionary leaders with big, cumbersome ideas. We need competent managers with small ideas. Ideas that we can fit in our wallet. Like money. From lower taxes. Ideas like tax cuts. How about tax cuts? 


centrism dot biz seems so reasonable and obvious. Why would anyone oppose it? 

I know, right?