Centrism Dot Biz rejects ideology.


Is “evidence” an ideology?

Is “reason” an ideology?

Is “sustaining elite power with fewer taxes on the rich, corporate deregulation, the privatization of public services, military interventions and aggressive policing while vaguely gesturing in the direction of progressive values” an ideology?




Imagine a future where...

50% of our autonomous killer robots are programmed by women.

We evolve beyond divisive ideas like racism, wealth redistribution and Indigenous treaties.

Mental illness sufferers are provided with free access to a variety of TED talks.

Refugees are each given a complimentary copy of Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” before being sent back to their home country.

Climate change is solved, somehow, probably.

We strike the right balance between implanting a GPS chip in your wrist and injecting liquefied spyware directly into your frontal cortex.

Politics is COOL again (a Celebration of Oligarchical OverLords).

Centrism Dot Biz transcends politics, rising above it like a referee.

Or a judge.

Or a king.




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Opportunities for Young People


Big promises like “free tuition” are not only unrealistic, but undesirable. Education is a privilege that should be earned. Like shelter. Or legs.

Young people must have the opportunity to work in flexible jobs that don’t shackle their youthful spirit with salaries, benefits and dignity.

Unpaid internships are an excellent chance for young people to gain valuable experience. Some things are so special that you can’t put a price on it. What is the “worth” of a flower? What is the “value” of the cost savings from free labour? What is the “price” of minimum wage?

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Free markets

What’s good for business is good for everyone, so we must not bite the invisible hand that feeds us. Even when the food it's holding is also invisible.

We must liberate markets to make decisions more efficiently. Only markets have enough information to understand which bubbles to inflate and pop.

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Climate Change

Scientific evidence aside, climate solutions must be political realistic. We can’t afford to play science with politics. 

Climate solutions depend on economic growth. We have grown our way out of recessions and we will grow our way out of this planet’s inherent limits.

We reject environmental purists who promote extremist views like “no new pipelines” and “people before profits” and “humans depend on the biosphere for survival.”

We believe it is important to look at both the benefits AND costs of climate action. On the one hand, we’re currently on a trajectory towards civilizational collapse and a descent into barbarism in which future generations slit each other’s throats for the leftover scraps of our reckless hyper-consumption. On the other hand, if we saddle future generations with too much debt, how will they afford good throat knives?